Lawrence Holdings, Inc

is a holdings company with a focus in specialty metals distribution and value-added processing.

LHI is the parent company of four subsidiaries: Alloy Metals, Inc; Snappy Materials, LLC; Supra Alloys, Inc & Tico Titanium, Inc.  All LHI companies are ISO 9001 certified, assuring quality and reliability of products and service. Combined, LHI companies offer the convenience of “one-stop” shopping with a variety of inventories and processing available.  Warehouse locations in California, Connecticut, Michigan, and Texas allow direct access to shipping gateways across the United States and major international ports.

Alloy Metals, Inc; An ISO 9001 registered, Pratt & Whitney LCS/MCS approved supplier specializing in high-temperature and corrosion resistant alloys for aerospace, forging, and petrochemical applications. Established in 1950, Alloy Metals was purchased by Lawrence Holdings, Inc in June of 2006.

Snappy Materials, LLC; An ISO 9001 registered and Pratt & Whitney LCS/MCS approved stocking distributor of aluminum, stainless, nickel/high-temperature alloys and titanium supports the international aerospace, defense, electronic, forgings, industrial, medical, and petrochemical markets. The Snappy Materials inventory has been carefully built in order to best serve our customers and contains only certified prime materials.

Supra Alloys, Inc; “The Titanium Specialists” Supra Alloys’ team of knowledgeable, professional sales and customer service people are always ready to assist you with your titanium requirements. An ISO 9001 registered leading distributor of titanium alloys for the aerospace, medical, sport and recreation, pulp and paper, chemical processing, and metal finishing industries.

Tico Titanium, Inc; Established in 1957 during the infancy of the titanium industry,
TICO Titanium Inc., has now been serving its customers for 50 years. An ISO 9001 registered company Tico is dedicated to supplying the industrial titanium market segment, with the capability of providing products from nuts and bolts to thousands of pounds of mill products.

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